Guess what finally arrived....?

This thing:

We kind of love it.

Guess who loves it the most?

That is her excited face. She's been joined at the hip to this rug since we rolled it out yesterday. I had to shoo her out of the room multiple times just to get the new sunroom shots.

To my surprise, the rug is actually a lot bluer than anticipated. If you look closely, the threads are a dark slate blue mix.

Luckily I have a blue theme going on so it fits, but this is just a fair warning to those of you who are interested in the rug.

Updated sunroom photo time...

I think that covers it!

Here's another quick update: our landscaping.

I never really made an official "After" post after our yard landscaping blitz earlier this summer. There wasn't much else to do, but last weekend Brad spruced up another tree bed so I snapped a few photos and figured I'd share.

How about some before's first?

Here's the left side of the house earlier this year:

And after our intial landscaping:


And here it is today:


The mailbox plants grew like crazy!

Next up are the two large trees in the main front yard area.


After intial landscaping:

And now:

Ahh... much better. Huge thanks to Brad who spends many sweaty hours every week making the yard look the way it does. <3

And finally... our master bathroom has been published!

Better Homes & Gardens contacted me way back after I had posted our master bathroom reveal and wanted to include me in their "Best Blogger Tips" spread. Of course, I happily obliged.

Pretty cool, right?!

That's all I've got for now. But I have a nice freebie from yours truly coming in the next post... if you like being organized, you'll want to check back next week!


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