The vintage wallpaper piqued a lot of interest.  
But I have to confess...

...I just tacked it up as a backdrop for the photo.
Progress has been slow on this bedroom.  I've replastered the areas of the wall that peeled but wanted to wait several weeks to see what happened.  Knock wood, so far so good.  I'll do another post on what I did differently this time around.
I also tested the floor in a few areas and found the paint to be holding quite well to the old surface.  There were just a few trouble spots that started peeling for some reason.  I have gone over square inch of the floor with a scraper and an orbital sander which I think should provide a much nicer finish in the end. 

I really love this wallpaper.  The background is that wonderful greenish-blue similar to Benjamin Moore's historical color Wythe Blue.  I bought the wallpaper thinking there would be enough to do the entire room.  I carefully measured and plotted out the seam lines and there's just not enough.  I've considered just doing the bed wall but I'm still considering another option. 
I was also playing with a few possibilities for the floor color and picked up some Farrow & Ball paint samples.  It's nice to have the place close by that sells the little sample pots.

The one on the left is Shaded White which is too light and little peachy.
The other is Snoop Dog's favorite Farrow & Ball color:  Mizzle.
As much as I love the vintage wallpaper, I think I'm falling in to the same trap of having the upstairs look so different than the downstairs.  I like too many styles.  Does that happen to you?


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