It was love at first sight but it's taken several weeks to get everything cleaned out
for the yard sale and this new gem moved in to place.

I love September.  Gone are the air conditioners and fans in the windows.
September provides cool nights and fresh, dry afternoon breezes that let us
open the windows to get a little wind in our sails.

It's the perfect time to clean out, freshen up and make a few changes
around the house before we're stuck inside for a long, cold winter.

This circa 1880s English chest from Darby Road has found a new home
in the guest bedroom which is where I've kicked off my shoes
each night since I started work on the master bedroom.  

This narrower chest allows me to fully open the door
which makes the room feel much larger.

Transforming a simple chest with a painted bamboo design like this would be
a great DIY project so I thought I'd show some of the details close up
so you can copy them.  Should we have a contest?

The design uses three shades of gray and black.

Painting the straight lines would be a biggest challenge.

I've chosen a few sea-inspired items to go on the chest.

The antique Chinese bowl is the perfect place for a watch and few coins to
keep them from the paws of bad kitties entertained by pushing things
over the edge in the middle of the night.

A pulls are wooden and painted with the same treatment.  Their surface
is "polished" by years of use almost making them look porcelain.

Detail of the ogee edge and the simple gray line on the side.

Let me know if you undertake this faux bamboo technique.

I love to see and share it.