Just a quick note to let you know I haven't forgotten about you.
I've just been really, really busy.
  I did get a few coats of paint on the bedroom floor and I'm really happy with
how it turned out. I used Allflor paint tinted to Benjamin Moore's Gray Owl.
I had wanted to use oil paint to get a really
high-gloss finish but I didn't want to deal with the smell, the mess
or the few days' drying time so I went with latex.
I have to admit, I love the duller finish.
It's like the patina is built in.
You may also notice a new chest. I've always wanted a
Gustavian piece and when I saw one at Darby Road,
I knew it was coming home with me.
I have to thank Google for this piece.
I've been saving up my Adsense checks to use for splurges
and this is my first one.  Since I've added this Gustavian piece you
might anticipate which direction the room is going in but I hope you're wrong.
I hope to shake it up a little bit by mixing in some modern and some industrial pieces. 


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