When we first bought our house, one of the first things I was looking forward to was decorating the front steps for Fall.  I had a vision for filling the flower box with heirloom pumpkins.  After I put two pumpkins in, and was on my way with a 20-pounder, I thought... hum... this might not be a great idea.  So, I switched it up and put flowers in the flower box (plus some kale) and pumpkins in the urns. 


 Last weekend we took Emma to the pumpkin patch - she says, "Yeah! Heirloom Pumpkins!"

This is how the outside of our house is shaping up - we haven't had to do much to the outside except a little power washing and hanging a wreath.  I really love the current paint colors and plan to keep them.

Stacked pumpkin planter.

Big girls on the steps.  To everyone's amazement, I decided to forgo my typical 'blue and white pumpkin' look and go for traditional orange and green.  I think the color scheme goes great with the colors of our house - it feels subtle and natural.

In the flower box, I did orange mums alternating with kale.  When the mums are in full bloom, the contrasting green between them will really make the orange pop.

On our side porch, I have more mums and a couple of gourds.  I put out some velvet and linen pillows to make our seating really cozy.  I'm thinking coffee and scones out here tomorrow morning!