Fall often comes a few weeks later in the city than it does to even the closest suburbs.  The foliage and flowers are all quite beautiful right now.  

Even though this so-called Frankenstorm seems to be taking a big turn around us, we're supposed to be whipped with high winds and rain that is already taking down the leaves and flowers.  

Enjoy the colors of fall.

Each fall, a rug takes its place back in the foyer to welcome wet feet through fall and winter.

I hope everyone in the path of this huge storm stays safe.   

If Jane doesn't lose power, she's having a party today.  I thought I would bring the 
birthday flowers that Shelley surprised me with on Saturday.  They were a 
sweet reminder of spring for a fall birthday.

I'm not sure the party can happen by candlelight so it may be postponed a little bit.
If you have no power, it's okay if you show up late.
Just stay safe.


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