I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  

The weekend before Thanksgiving, I got my indoor bulbs going.  As a kid, part of Christmas decorating meant sticking plastic holly and poinsettias all over the house.  It's amazing how just a few sprouting bulbs placed around the house can easily replace most holiday decorations and bring each room to life.

Here I've started paperwhites in a trio of McCoy planters in the Greek Key pattern.

I've also started a few amaryllis in my turquoise McCoy planters.  The front planter is the Daisies pattern and the back one is Sand Dollar, often referred to as the Necco Wafer pattern.

Photo:  Wikipedia

Not only are Necco wafer candies nostalgic as a treat from my childhood,
the Necco wafer factory was just a few blocks from my house.

It's nice to keep a record of the amaryllis you're growing so you
can search out those favorite varieties the next year.

My favorite from last year was this La Paz.

This year I thought I would try a few new ones called Picotee and Lemon Star.
I'll show what they look like when they bloom.

The flowers are always something to look forward to as we head in to winter.  And I'll probably pick up some more to start in a few weeks so I have greenery and blooms through most of the winter.