The Christmas Emma Monster is going to get you!
We have never sent out a Christmas card before.  Last year we tried to get a good photo of all of us right after Emma was born, but didn't get it done in time... and our shoot was a big 'fail' (as you might remember from my post) juggling a new baby and the Mister.

You can find Emma's PJ's, here!

But, I always look forward to receiving the cards with perfectly posed "Brooks Brothers" families all gussied up in their sweater vests and patent leather.

It makes me believe that perfect children and families do exist!

For at least one day of the year...

 My baby grooving to the jingle bell rock...

We call this Emma's "Oo-Oo Oo-Oo" dance.

We will be sending out our first Christmas card this year (that I rushed ordered last night at 11pm... of course).

 It is complete with perfect photos of our babies.   The shoot, however, was far from perfect...

Far from perfect.  Mostly funny (read : frustrating).  And blurry (which is also frustrating).

And very sweet.  Did I mention blurry?

I ended up with a ton of really fun photos of Emma and Mr. D playing with my "Christmas Morning Under the Christmas Tree" props.  Here they are searching for the TV remotes and tennis balls in the stocking that I hid in there to intrigue them.  So tricky...

Hope you enjoyed our outtakes! 

This was probably the 'perfect' smile... too bad she's not facing the right direction!