I have a lot of people to buy holiday presents for that are really difficult.  My recent visit to my local flower shop, Bow Street Flowers, provided a lot of inspiration for quick and lovely holidays gifts straight from nature.

How about a laurel wreath that will last well beyond the holiday season?

Or a sparkly bird ornament?

A prettily decorated wreath?

An elegant arrangement of evergreens in a birch pot?

Potted paperwhites or amaryllis?

Cyclamen or a Lady's Slipper Orchid?

Sweet little pots of dried flowers?

How about a hellebore or Frosty Fern swaddled in pretty paper and tied up with a bow?

Or how about a beeswax candle, handmade soaps or little birch bark ornaments?

Maybe not a bunny but they sure are cute.

I'd be thrilled if a guest stopped by the house with any one of these lovely gifts from nature.

Stop by your local independent florist or:

Bow Street Flowers
108  Beacon Street
Somerville, MA  02143

Open Mon-Fri 10:00 to 6:30
Saturday 10:00 to 5:00
and Sundays 12:00-5:00 through Christmas


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