I had to make a quick run to Provincetown on Saturday.  It was a snowy, misty day and everything was quite gray.  I don't know what I was thinking because I took no hat, no gloves and wore my suede loafers which must have a hole in the sole because I was taking on water like the S.S. Poseidon.  I sloshed my way around town with my wet camera trying to enjoy how empty and quiet and gray the town was.

Firewood being prepared for winter heating.

Robert DeNiro, Sr. at Provincetown Art Association and Museum
Did you know that Robert DeNiro, Sr. was an artist?

Painting by Tony Vever's at Provincetown Art Association and Museum

I love the texture in the paper.

Isn't the little porthole window awesome?

I love photographing the texture of decay.

See the water in the distance?

Many of the cottages along the Truro shore are boarded up for the winter.

It's really quite eery.

But thankfully we don't have to live in a black and white world.  

Not every image translates well to black and white.

And, finally, my favorite photo from the day...

It's quite possible this Christmas wreath has been hanging here for 20 years
but it just now gets noticed.
The flocked poinsettias have faded to pink, white and brown and the
plastic pomegranates look more like little turnips.

But something about the weathered surfaces and grayed colors
make it so perfect.  It's so Provincetown.


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