Many of you noticed I won the Christmas tree contest on Scot Meacham Wood's blog.  There was a panel of judges whose work I really respect so taking home my second award was really quite an honor.  But I'm actually quite surprised I won because it wasn't the tree I planned on entering. 
I just didn't have the time to get it done in time.

My initial thought was to have a tree centered under the Moravian star pendant
in the guest bedroom.  Since you weren't able to make it for Christmas this year, 
I would clean out the guest bedroom and set the tree up in the center of the room.

The stars being a guide for sailors, I thought a tree decorated with marine signal flags
would be the perfect theme and I would want them all basically the same so they would look
like a sea of stars on the tree.

I would use hang tags to make the ornaments and trim them
into the basic marine flag shapes...

...and use silver glitter to give them a little bling.

The tags would also be perfect to write a few 
prayers, dreams, wishes or messages to the universe.

I would add a little Love and Joy.

I've never had a tree centered in the room before; it would be a little unconventional.
But it would be a wonderful place to sit and enjoy the sea of stars.

May love and joy come to you.

Merry Christmas!


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