Valentine's Day Gifts

**This is a post from last year that was so popular, I had a new version of the Be Mine cards printed and are available for sale in my store!


I love homemade gifts for holidays like Valentine's Day - when it is more about the love and effort than the money spent.  I try to make my homemade treats look as beautiful as possible - this Folded Be Mine Card is one of my favorites.  

Here, I've attached the folded card to a cellophane bag with sugar cookies and tied it with Baker's twine.

You'll need :

-Medium or Small Cello Bag
-Baker's Twine, $16
-Be Mine Folded Label, $12
-Disposable Pastry Bags
-Gel Food Colors

Sugar Cookie Recipe

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Here, I've cut out the smaller "Be Mine" labels into tags by snipping the corners and using a small hole punch. 

Sugar Cookie Recipe

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