I've never been one to use home fragrances, scented candles, colognes or any kind of scented body products but after receiving a few gifts from Santa Maria Novella, I had an epiphany.
These products are in another league.

The Shop at the Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

Founded in 1221, Franciscan friars began making herbal remedies and potions to use in the monestery.  Their reputation became world renowned and they opened to the public in 1612.

Their Carta D'Armenia, incense papers scented with frankincense and myrrh, will remove odors and freshen up your house or manger in two shakes of a lambs tail. Simply take one paper, fold into an accordion shape, light one end and blow out flame. They burn for approximately 5 minutes and are said to remove odors, staleness, dampness or mold and cooking odors. Carta D'Armenia  papers can also be placed directly in drawers or closets. 

From the Santa Maria Novella website:

"Once you've been enveloped by the magic scent of Santa Maria Novella's pot pourri, you'll understand why generations of captivated followers flock to Florence to stock up. Scrupulously handmade using ancient methods, this incredibly long-lasting, beautifully fragrant potpourri is a full-bodied blend of herbs and flowers (a secret formula), all grown without pesticides in the Florentine hills...Each batch is collected by hand, then soaked in essence in enormous, centuries-old earthenware jars, sealed with wax, then aged for several months, and carefully packaged as it has been for centuries.  All ingredients are 100% organic and pesticide free."

Potpourri can be placed anywhere in a small bowl or one
of the company's signature dishes or ornaments. 

Santa Maria Novella products are a splurge but so much nicer than your
average grocery store plug-ins or scented candles.

Even if a few gifts aren't in your budget today, browsing through their product descriptions online, is highly entertaining.  Check out the descriptions of their Ancient Preparations.  
Check out their entire line of Home Fragrances and Products for Dogs and Cats.

If the Magi were arriving in Bethlehem today, I'm sure they'd be bearing gifts from Santa Maria Novella.  They're truly heaven scent.