I'm back with some DIY details from the pantry project!

But first, I wanted to share a little snippet of our last weekend. We took a road trip with some friends to Savannah for the 3-day weekend (our second time there, we went for our anniversary two years ago) and had so much fun. The best fried seafood and drinks (chocolate daiquiris from Wet Willy's... omg.) and entertainment and stores and architecture and history. Love this city. Next time we'll keep driving for a couple more hours and stop in Charleston—heard it was a must-see!

I booked a "haunted pub crawl" called Boos & Brews for Saturday night. We stopped at the local (haunted) bars and were guided around the streets and cemeteries with real ghost stories—for the record, I don't believe any of it but it's fun when you're drinking ;)

Here we are getting ready to leave the first pub!

Here's one of the old haunted houses:

For our last stop, we went to the Moon River Brewery (which has been on Ghost Hunter shows) and they took us up into the attic where the ghost/orb sightings are common...

I didn't capture anything on my camera, but for whatever reason the spirits were posing for Brad's. He caught "orbs" in a bunch of his photos... like this one:

And check it out... we zoomed into this photo and look what we found:

See the face? Just below the white spot? Looks like some old guy with a mustache looking straight at you. Creepy. (ok, not really, but it would be if it was real).

Anyway, enough with the ghost stories. Let's get to the pantry!



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