Samantha, my three-year-old niece, once told me her favorite cookies were "Icing Cookies."  So, when planning her Valentine's Day gift, I wanted to make her something that would be big in the icing department and just her size... and pink, of course.

I used my recipe for Whoopie Pies from a Cake Mix, but instead of the chocolate cake mix I used Strawberry.  With the pink cookies and filling, I was hoping they would turn out looking a little like French Macaroons - and I think they did!

They were a huge hit for Sam - as I think they would be for any birthday party or shower.  Here is the link to my original recipe for Whoopie Pies from a Cake Mix.  Obviously, you can use any kind of cake mix you want - for Emma's Baptism last year I made them with Red Velvet cake mix and cream cheese frosting
Here they are all packed up for Sam and Kate's Valentine's care package (see all of the girl contents, here!)


The batter - perfectly pink.

 Since I was making small whoopies, I used a disposable piping bag to pipe them into little circles.  It worked great - made it much quicker than spooning them out.

You'll need to make them smaller than you think!  Here is a Hershey Kiss size reference - these ended up being about the size of an oreo.

I made two sizes - these were a little larger.  More of a cupcake top size.

The frosting - butter, powdered sugar and cream cheese all whipped together. 

Ready for assembly...


Some mini and some tiny.

I think they also make a great elegant looking dessert/cookie - almost like a macaroon, don't you think?!


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