When you're renovating and/or decorating a house, you come across a lot
of details.  Pinterest has proven to be an invaluable tool to  keep track of ideas
and products that I may want to go back and look at later.  I wanted to share my secret for
keeping track of information when I'm out and about on the road searching for
furniture, salvage and details I may want to look at down the road.
My secret is a Moleskine.  They come in a lot of different forms but
I like the plain notebook.  It's 5 x 8.25 inches which is about a half sheet of regular
copy/printer printer paper so it's not really pocket size but small enough that
I can carry  the notebook and a point-and-shoot camera in the same hand.
(Although maybe that's why I keep dropping my cameras!)  They're available
at most art supply stores and also on the internet.

It's also got a handy pocket in back to stuff business cards and receipts.
I'm famous for losing receipts and this has helped a lot.
As I was out, for example, looking for vanity options,
I started a new page and noted where I was.
Adding the date wouldn't have been a bad idea either.
Even though I usually document things I like with my camera,
the notebook is a perfect place to make a little sketch so you can note the
measurements.  Here you'll see my drawing of the Swedish chest in the lead
photo and its measurements.  It's not a perfect drawing but there are enough
details--the scrolly edge on the middle drawer and the bun feet--that refresh
my recollection. It provides details that a photograph doesn't.
I knew at the time this wasn't an option for my downstairs bathroom
but having all the details allows me to go back later to see if it might be
an option, for example, for the upstairs bathroom or maybe a kitchen island.

Another thing that's really helpful is having the dimensions of all
your rooms.  I can't tell you how many times I've been out somewhere and
see a table or chest and really can't tell if it's the right size for a certain spot
in the house.  If you have all these measurements, you'll immediately know
if the antique sofa will fit through the den door or if the salvaged doors
are the right size for bathrooms.  I try to measure as much as possible; e.g., the
height and width of windows and doors, the height and width of walls as well
as each space between doors and windows, and the placement of light switches
and outlets.
Of course, the secret is making sure you have your notebook when you need it.
It's never a problem remembering if I'm making a road trip to Maine or Cape Cod,
but sometimes I find myself stopping somewhere when I'm closer to home.
It doesn't always work out but I find the best place to  keep it is in the car!

* * * * *
For you art lovers, I thought it might be fun for you to read a few pages of
my notes from my meeting with Jeanne Bultman which I talked about in
my post Why I Love Provincetown.  I sat down immediately following our
meeting and wrote down as much as I could remember.  It's amazing how
certains details can fade after time and I knew these were details that I wanted
to get down for posterity.  I've masked a small portion of my
notes just to protect the family's privacy.  I hope you enjoy!