So, you know how I've been talking about how I'm going to post photos of our new refreshed bathroom?  Well, yesterday we received a delivery and I became distracted, and now you are getting to see photos of our new bed instead.  Furthermore, now I feel like I have officially built up the bathroom reveal to be much more than what it actually is... I feel like I need to add a little ta-da to it so it will live up to expectations.  So, I'll leave you in suspense for one day longer.  Or a couple... there is still some touch up work and caulking to do, artwork to be hung (and selected...), etc.  

Back to my newest distraction.  Our bedroom.  I am not posting this to show off what great design and styling I have accomplished in our room, but to ask for some input.  The new bed (Raleigh Upholstered Camelback from Pottery Barn) was delivered yesterday - upholstered in ivory linen and is so comfy and cozy.  I really love it - it makes the room so comfortable.   Now that the bed has arrived, I am at a loss what to do above the headboard.  Thoughts?  Also, we are starting to look for a new dresser and night stands.  I'm at a loss for what I want.  I start by thinking I want classic pine, then I think, what about something more modern?  Or rustic?  Painted or wood?  Antique walnut or something more fresh?  So, it is in your hands.  I'm looking for help with the artwork and the furniture... the overall styling.  Right now I feel like it is a blank slate - which is nice.  It is light and refreshing, but I feel like it is missing a little style.  Insights, links to sites and random ideas are all welcome.

I'm thinking I need to re-paint the chest... maybe just cream to match the trim?  

I have made some adjustments to the dresser we inherited from Mike's childhood room - I added some trim and base board to give it more structure, darkened the stain a little (it was more of a lighter reddish oak with mission style pulls) and added brass pulls (DIY post on this later) so I could live with it a little longer.  Actually, it looks better in person - not as much red shows through in real life, but it is just getting us by for the moment.

Does anyone have any ideas about how to decorate around and above the TV?  Should I just do tall lamps on each side?  Or try to do artwork all around?  Do I need to put something light (runner, basket...) under the TV to break up the dark TV on the dark dresser?

My decorating assistant.  

Again, the dresser that is looking much more 'red' in this photo than in real life.  It is more of a deep, neutral brown.

Ducking out of the shot.  So cute, my little Emma.

This table moved up here when the Christmas Tree went up in the living room... it will be going back down when we can replace it with a set of night stands.  If we ever find some we like!  Can't wait to hear everyone's ideas!  I'll be sharing some inspiration photos that I find and that are shared with me.  Stay tuned! 

And, don't hold your breath for the bathroom update - caulking and touching up paint doesn't sound fun at all!