How can you not love any appetizer or meal that's quickly prepared?
Olive and Walnut Relish is a quick and versatile appetizer and has quickly
become one of my favorites since having it a local restaurant.

I use Mt. Athos green olives from Whole Food that have a little
mustard seed, herbs and crushed red pepper.  Any good quality pitted olive
will do just add a few shakes of oregano and crushed  red pepper to taste.

I used about two parts olives to one part walnuts.  

Chop both the olives and walnuts rather coarsely...

...and combine in a bowl.  I mix in a little extra virgin olive oil and
add a little lemon zest to brighten the whole thing up.

I served it atop fresh mozzarella and crostini but I think it would
also be nice as a condiment with something like grilled fish or chicken.
Wasn't that easy?