All photos from my Instagram

It's almost summertime.  When the warm and humid
air meets the cold ocean air, we can get really foggy mornings.
And a 75 degree day can suddenly turn to 55 degrees when
the sea breeze backs in.  It's hard to judge what to wear.

But it's planting time.  All the garden centers and
nurseries are packed with urban gardeners looking for
something new to plant in their little plots of earth.

All the lilacs, Lily of the Valley and tulips
have yielded to Spirea...

...and allium...


...and bearded iris.

I had in my dining room?

I'm happy to see it thriving outside.

What I'm not happy about is my bathroom floor tile.

It looked beautiful in the store.  I even took a little piece of
floor that had been taken up from the hallway so I could match the color.
I think I was just so impressed with how real it looked.

But when I have the tile juxtaposed against the real wood floor,
it looks...well, really fake.

I'd say it's a faux bois faux pas.  But better to figure it out before it's installed.

I'm hoping to pay a restocking fee and get something different.

Finally, it's been a really challenging week.

Angus, one of my three cats, has had a problem with his eyes that's
gotten progressively worse.  It's called entropion which is a turning
in of the eyelids.  Can you imagine what it would feel like having all of
eyelashes growing in your eyes.  It seemed to have gotten significantly
worse over the past few weeks so he finally had his surgery last Thursday.

When I went to pick him up on Thursday night, he got his e-collar off and
immediately rubbed his eye against the carrier and ripped out a stitch.  
I decided to readmit him and pick him up the next day after the eye
doctor had a chance to look at him.

This is what he looked like when he got home.
It was a tough few days with an upset, hurting little boy
that could get his cone off in a second and didn't want to sleep.
The pain meds seemed to make him only more agitated.
It's hard when they don't understand what's going on.

But I'm happy to say that after five days, he's healed very quickly
and as the swelling goes down his big almond eyes are coming back.

He still wears the cone at night and while he's unattended but
he's able to enjoy a few moments without it when I can watch him constantly.
He seems much happier and hopefully this will be the end of the problem.

That's what's going on around here.

* * * * *

Thoughts and prayers to the people of Oklahoma!