It's been almost five years since I first hired architects to make a renovation plan
for me.  A lot has changed since then.  I wasn't really looking at magazines, blogs
or Pinterest--there WAS no Pinterest!--to assemble my vision for the house.  

The architects, who have since closed up shop, applied their own "cottage" vision
to the plans.  They chose beadboard which was certainly one of the details I talked about
in our discussions and they applied a double chair rail.  I'm not sure if this is one
of their signature details but I was never really excited by it.

When I saw this bathroom with the horizontal planking, I thought it was perfect.
But how do I deal with the faucet on the wall?  It seems like the chair rail would
hit right at the same place.

This sink that has the faucet on the wall uses a "bump up" in
planking and chair rail to incorporate the faucet.  It's a great idea and
a rather nice detail but since my sink will be in a corner,
I thought the bump up would lose its impact.

So, spreadsheet geek that I am, I whipped out my favorite design tool,
Microsoft Excel, and set up the cells into a grid of squares
and started to lay everything out to see what it would look like.

I thought if I made the bump up smaller and integrated the
mirror into it with details to make it look like a vintage medicine cabinet
 it would all look like one custom built-in unit. 

I should probably find a better design tool but it was a great way to
communicate this change in the architect's plan to my contractor.  

* * * * *

At 6:00 tonight, I had 121 comments for the 6 Wilson pillow giveaway.
Carol had left the first comment so I ran a random number generator
for 2 through 121 and got the number 76.

Comment #76 came from Webb.   Congratulations, Webb!

Carol will contact you to choose your pillow and it will soon be on its way.

Thank you everyone for your comments!