Recently, we hosted a dinner for a dear friend of ours that was in town.  As I mentioned in my "A Porch Kind of Weekend" post, I love eating out on our porch - but previously had only had casual meals on our loveseats.  After writing my monthly article for all about creative Outdoor Entertaining, I was itching to set a complete table outside... so, I pulled our dinning room furniture out onto the porch for a magical dinner alfresco.

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Outdoor Dinner Party Menu :

Orange & Blueberry Summer Brew Cocktails
Tomato & Squash Grilled Bruschetta
Brown Sugar & Sesame Steak Kebabs
Grilled Fingerling Potatoes with Chives and Sour Cream
Mini S'mores in the Oven

Stay tuned next week for the recipes!

I love wheat beers.  During the summer I'll take a cold wheat beer with a slice of orange over a glass of wine any day.  For this party, I used Boulevard Wheat Beer, fresh squeezed orange juice, vodka and blueberries for a new twist on a Summer Brew (usually vodka lemonade + beer).

For dinner, we grilled steak and vegetable kebabs marinated in a brown sugar, sesame and garlic marinade.  I'm not sure how I just figured this out - but... did you know you can grill potatoes?  They take no time at all and have a great smokey flavor. 

Blue hydrangea are my summer favorites and happen to be blooming in masses everywhere this year because of all of the rain.  I miss my big hydrangea bushes in our old house and have settled on planting them in our urns on the front steps this year.  

A big bunch of hydrangeas is my favorite "non-arrangement" floral arrangement.  Unlike other flowers that look great mixed with others, hydrangea are meant to be on their own bountiful in bunches - they set a sophisticated yet casual tone.  I have these in a Match Pewter vase, a wedding present that we've gotten soooo much use out of.

Here is the view of the table from the dining room, just outside the french doors.

The scene - just as the sun was setting and just before our guests arrived.  I love these Celebration candles.  I used small, thick-glassed votive holders with sea salt to hold the candles.

Aren't they magical and very chic?  Stay tuned for the recipes to come!

Don't forget - I've shared more of my Outdoor Entertaining tips and inspiration in my recent post on, read the article here.

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