Some of you may recall that my entire blog was stolen a few years ago.

There's another thief on the loose.
A kind reader alerted me to the fact that a local contracting company
is claiming to have renovated my house in 2.5 weeks and
is using photographs from the blog. 

He even moved the location of my house to aid in the deception. 


A friend of mine was so appalled he called the company and
told them to remove the photographs.
The thief asserted he worked on every project posted
on his Facebook page.  I believe many are stolen.
I've posted to their Facebook page with a request to remove
my photographs.  

This is a good lesson in watermarking.


As of 10:00 p.m., thanks to comments from many of you on FB,
the photos of my house have been removed.
I filed a copyright infringement complaint against the company
on Facebook but I'd prefer to believe
it's a result of your generosity and support.

Thank you so much!