China cupboard by Martin Moore & Company
My head is spinning.  One side of my brain is thinking about the new store I'm opening on the blog, while the other side is dreaming of the new kitchen we're planning.  I'm posting this update on my current kitchen obsessions as a way to buy myself a little more time... I've been spending every available hour on the new store that I'd promised would be open this week, and it just isn't going to happen.  Yet, anyway.  I will try again tomorrow and Friday... wish me good luck as I continue entering inventory and take (retake) photos.

We're getting closer to pulling the trigger on making some real decisions, so I'm starting to think about details.  I love the hutch, above.  I imagine it filled with my Woodland china and pewter.

Enjoy these inspiration photos of what I'm dreaming about for our new addition.  Feel free to share more inspiration with me that you'd think I'd like!
cottage kitchen w/ thick marble counter tops
A big window above the sink (apron front sink) is a must.

Pull-out retractable counter ledge

Isn't this smart?  I love anything with double uses.
English kitchen with Farringdon stone floor 
I think it is really hard to find an island that isn't cookie-cutter looking.  I really like this design that looks like more of a work table.  Have you seen any other good examples of hard working islands?

The color of these cabinets is lovely - and of course I love the brass pulls and window above the sink.