Thank you for all your well wishes, chanting and candle lighting.  I was able to get
my building permit late last week which came at the perfect time to enjoy the weekend.

Blogging friend Flower Jane, hostess of the world-famous Flowers in the House party, 
was passing through town so Shelley and I gave a tour of our favorite Maine and Boston
haunts over the weekend.  Here are a few of the weekend highlights from Instagram.

Vintage boat fenders/bumpers at York Antiques in York, Maine.
When was the last time you saw mermaid boat fenders?

I'm a sucker anything with eagles too.

Great dragon chandeliers at Pier 77, Cape Porpoise, Maine.

There are so many pretty things at Snug Harbor Farm and not
wanting to  be repetitive, I'm finding it fun to find beauty in 
the things that many people wouldn't look at.

Stairs in the barn, Snug Harbor Farm.

Wall in the potting shed, Snug Harbor Farm.

Algae-covered pots, Snug Harbor Farm.

I love the variation of color in the succulents, Snug Harbor Farm.

Yellow golden pheasant, Snug Harbor Farm.

Trophies at Restoration Hardware, Boston.

Acorn Street, Beacon Hill, Boston.

George Washington, Public Garden, Boston.

I hope you all kicked back and enjoyed the holiday weekend.