We're waiting for the plumber, electrician and HVAC people to
come and do their thing but let me show you what's been going on.

The rough framing for the back porches has passed inspection so work
can now proceed to finish those up.

Inside, the new subfloor is installed.
On the window wall--this is where the stove was--the wall has been
pumped up with 2x6s.  This is not only to get a nice plumb wall... 

...but also to get the plumbing stack to from the upstairs
bathroom to the basement without having a bumpout in the wall
along with a nice bit of foam insulation.

You can see the new sill and header for the kitchen window that is being moved
up above counter height.  The new sink will be centered over this window.

All of the other studs are getting a 2x4 sistered alongside them.

Every single one.

None of the studs are vertical or on the same plane so
these 2x4s will correct that mess which should make
cabinet and countertop installation much easier.
Before the electrician comes to do the rough wiring, I
need to finalize my lighting plan.  It'll be exciting to have more
than one light fixture in the middle of the room!