This is my last day of Fall inspired table settings.  The first table was full of bright orange colors, the second was pale muted heirloom pumpkins, and today I've taken it a step further - creams and browns.  I've always loved white pumpkins - I think these small ones are called "baby boos" at most markets, but I think the real name is "Lumina."

I love getting out our Spode Woodland china every year.  It was sort of an unusual choice for wedding china, but I knew that was the pattern I'd wanted to register for as long as I can remember.  And, as I said, I still love getting it out every fall - signifies the beginning of the season.

While they are known as white pumpkins, they are actually a bit of a creamy, pale butter color - which happens to match perfectly with my "Lexington Wheat" taper candles.  I put them in my pewter candle sticks (Williams-Sonoma Home) we received as wedding gift from my Granny.

 Yesterday a commenter (Heather!) left a question about how to get candles to stay perfectly straight, and to help them fit into any holder.  Well, the secret is these strips of beeswax.  All of my candles come with a small strip that you wrap around the base of the taper.  They work like a charm and disappear in the holder.  You can trim them to any size/shape to fit in various holders.

I think this setting might "win" my vote for our Thanksgiving table.

To see other tables that I've set with our Spode Woodland, click here.

I hope all of these table got you in the mood for Fall, because tomorrow I'm moving on to... Halloween Sugar Cookies!