Nina:  House and Home
Pinta:  Lili Diallo from Livingetc.
Santa Maria:  Jonathan Adler Design, Elle Decor
I know not every state and/or business celebrates Columbus Day but it's a holiday here
for most of us in Massachusetts so I thought I would mark the holiday with a little Christopher Columbus lighting inspiration with Niña, Pinta and Santa Maria chandeliers.

Inspiration is an interesting thing; it can come from anywhere.
You just need to take the tiniest spark of an idea and run with it.

My lighting plan for the kitchen includes a pendant and few flush mounts.

Circa's Yoke pendant, Marine flush mount and Siena flush mount

Going with a nautical look was my first inclination but
I've seen it done before and it's just a little too literal.

So I took a little inspiration from the rubble.  When the kitchen floor
was opened up, I found these few light fixtures tucked up on the second inner
foundation.  I probably could have reached them from the basement but the
ductwork obstructed them from view.  I thought the white porcelain fixture was
interesting and I would bet it was used in the house at one point in time.

I pulled it out and studied for a few days.  I considered cleaning
it up, having it rewired and finding a globe for it but it's cracked
in a few places and has some discoloration so I got in internet to
look for something similar to see what I could come up with.

And after looking at thousands of lights I found it a Schoolhouse Electric:
a white porcelain fixture with a glass globe that looked very similar
to what I thought the fixture from rubble would look like if it were restored.

And I paired that with a white enameled pendant and a nickel flush mount.

It's a group of fixtures that transport me to an old bakery in my hometown.
I photographed it the last time I was home.  It's so charming and warm and authentic.
I thought if I could ever make a kitchen with this feeling, I'd be quite happy.

I then took the white and swapped it out with black with brass
for another look that I think is quite handsome.

Another possibility but with white shades.

Have you looked at Schoolhouse Electric?  They have a great mix of fixtures all
available in different finishes and variety of shades that will work with each fixture.
It seems the possibilities are endless.  And they sell a lot more than lights.

I haven't made a final decision but I think these would be great
juxtaposed against cabinets made from an antique store counter.