Boston Public Garden
Last Saturday, two million people and I headed in to the city
at the same time.  They for the Red Sox victory parade and me
for a haircut appointment I had made six weeks earlier...just one
block from the parade route.  There was a parking ban and requests
that people come early, leave late and enjoy the city.

I headed in on subway two hours early and found I had much of 
the city to myself on a quiet, warm and beautiful morning.

It's hard to catch a good photo of the post office on Charles Street
without a car or van parked immediately in front but I did it.

The young woman walking her dog was taking advantage of 
the balmy weather we were gifted with.

The colors were perfect on The Public Garden...

...George Washington was dressed up for the occasion.

...and the parade began as I headed back home.

Now that it's dark when I leave work, I've been enjoying
the fall foliage by street light.

The electrical, plumbing and HVAC inspections were
completed and the icynene insulation went in.

If you're not a This Old House watcher, icynene is foam that's
sprayed into each wall cavity, it quickly expands to fill each bay and
is then shaved off so it's even with the studs.

The upstairs porch deck is in and the columns are installed.
Just the railings upstairs left to go

I was having a hard time even remembering what
they used to look like...

...and I'm thankful I've been taking photographs from the very
beginning to see the progress.

I was out and about yesterday and found something I've
never seen before.  On the back of large shopping plaza,
the cement block wall has been painted to look like a quaint
row of houses.  Except for the blue door and the light above it,
all of this is paint on cement blocks.  It's very well done.

Wilson Farms in Lexington was still filled with fall color,
with cider donuts, mounds of freshly picked apples
and a huge bin of beautiful but unwanted pumpkins.

That's my week in pictures.

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