Ever since I purchased this antique store counter I've racked my brain
trying to figure out how to use it.  It's nearly 12 feet long so too long for
an island.  But imagine a farm sink sitting between two of those columns. 

But the tops of the columns are really deep and would cause an
overhang of the countertops that would make half of a drawer unusable.
They may need to be trimmed down somehow.

The back of the counter has two sets of drawer units that
can be integrated in the mix for some good storage.

And the panels on the front could be cut out and
used as cabinet doors.

So that's exactly what I'm doing.  The piece is going to be
taken apart and rebuilt into different furniture pieces that will
fit in around the stove and then used for the sink cabinets and 
two additional cabinets that will flank the sink and dishwasher.
It's been like a puzzle trying to take all the pieces and fitting
them back together is the space I have available.

I'm a little scared.  It might be fantastic, it might be odd but 
it will definitely be unique which is what I wanted.

I'm also breaking the continuous L-shaped arrangement 
in my original plans.  There will a two-foot or so gap between
the cabinets (and stove) on the back wall and those on the sink wall.

I'm hoping this creates more a vintage look to the kitchen.  Also scary.

As much as I love the details on the piece, I don't love the muddy
yellow color.  So I'm definitely going to painting it.  Here's some of 
my current thoughts about the color.

Ilse Crawford.
This seems like a Revere Pewter or Stonington Gray color.

This one's more in Grant Beige, Elmira White or Edgecomb Gray.

...or maybe something like Kendall Charcoal.

I have a little more time before I have to make a decision so
I might get some samples and see how they look in the house.

Even though we snow early last week that gave us our first
hard freeze, we were gifted with some great weather this weekend.

I spent most the the weekend outside getting more
of the new surfaces painted.  It's looking good.

I know some really severe weather and 70 tornados passed
through the midwest today.  I hope you're all safe.