It's been a long week of playing nursemaid to the cat.
Warum had a little bit of a complication with is surgery but
after two visits to the ER and a second procedure at the dentist,
I'm relieved to say he's doing much better.  Poor little thing.
He has no idea why he has no teeth or why he hurt so much.
Thank you all for the thoughtful comments.  They really helped.

Anyhoo, I've had very little time to get anything done around the house
and the wet polyurethane really put a damper on things anyway so I thought
you might like to see the store counter outside of the cramped Darby Road
warehouse where it was really difficult to get good photos.

Here's the full monty--all 12 feet--of the front side.  It turns out that the top which we thought was
solid walnut isn't really solid.  It's a pine frame with an thinnish piece of walnut set in to that frame.
It was also heavily glued down so there's not a lot of walnut that can be reclaimed for the project.
My goal is to get the finished kitchen cabinets to have the "flavor" of this side of the counter.

All of the drawers have been taken out for the move but the back side has all of these
drawers and shelves that will be put to use as part of the kitchen cabinets.

Once in Sam's shop, the entire piece was broken down.  Here are a few of the drawer units. 

All of the decorative columns have been removed leaving these panels which will become cabinet doors.

So here's a first round of CAD drawings that Sam drew up of the stove wall elevation.
You can see the panel detail is replicated in the doors of the cabinets and one
of the drawer units worked in to the right of the stove.

Ignore the wall above the stove.  We haven't worked that out yet.  I would like
some glass fronted cabinets but they may not be in the budget right now.

This is the sink wall elevation.  Two columns are flanking a farm sink.  One of the drawer units
again being used to the left of the sink and a cabinet with paneled doors to the right of the dishwasher.
You can see the side view of the refrigerator on the very right and the planked wall on the side of it. 

And here's the refrigerator elevation (which faces the stove).
There's a built-in above the counter where I'll put
the microwave, a little TV and cookbooks, etc.

And there was a little room left over next to the fridge where I
thought a wine rack would go.  I'm hoping to use the little bit
of walnut reclaimed from the store counter top as the shelves.

Here's the planking that just went in yesterday.  This is in the
space between the dining room and kitchen.  I'm looking for
old armoire or cabinet to use as a pantry in this space but I 
thought it would be nice to repeat the planking that I used in
the bathroom in this transitional area.

We're supposed to get snow all weekend and I'm kind of looking
forward to it.  I'm going to crank up the hot plate and heat me up
some soup.  And hopefully get some painting done.