There hasn't been a lot of progress on the kitchen the last few weeks but
the holidays gave me some time off that I was able to step right in and get
some things done without getting in the way.  The walls are now all primed
and ready for paint but most of my time was spent on the ceiling.

The wood planks took quite a lot of prep work, filling and sanding before a coat of primer went
on.  And then I walked around and marked trouble spots with blue tape.  There were quite a few
rough spots, nail holes and dents that needed to be filled and sanded down before touching up
with a second coat of primer.  If you ever decide to put in a planked ceiling, let me suggest doing
as much of this work before installing the wood.  It's neck- and shoulder-breaking work.

And finally on Sunday I put on the first coat of semi-gloss.  It's Benjamin
Moore Decorator's White in Aura.

It's really brightened up the whole room.  This is one of the things about the
old bakery from my hometown that I loved so much.  It seems so clean.

I really want to lighten these cabinets so paint seems pretty certain.

I've been playing with some paint to see what it might look like on the cabinets.
I bought some rosettes at Home Depot--the little things that would go in the top
corners of door or window casings--to experiment with.

I would put a lot more effort in the final finish but these are good
"sketches," if you will, of layering a few different colors.  

I used colors #2 and #5 from the Farrow & Ball paint samples
I made up which are Lamp Room Gray and Mole's Breath.

This is Lamp Room with a wash-n-wipe of burnt umber
acrylic paint that was thinned down juxtaposed against
the Carrara marble counter in my bathroom.

I think it's a little dirty looking.

This is Lamp Room with a little Mole's Breath
brushed in the recessed and then rubbed down to
almost bare wood in a few spots.

I like this one.

This one is Mole's Breath undercoat with a dry brushing
of Lamp Room over the top.  The effect is just a little
bit darker than the previous one.

I also like it.

I want to try a darker gray glaze on these to really highlight
the details.

Here's the three of them next to the stainless.

Excuse the fingerprints.

This is a little section of the cabinets that's had the finish sanded
off a bit.  Ideally, I'd like some of this grain to show through so it
might take a delicate dance of brushing paint on and caressing it off.

I only get one chance to get it right so I'll do some more samples
and perhaps look for a piece of furniture I can buy and experiment on.

Stay warm!