The time has finally come to bring you back into the New Addition loop.  Well, almost.   We are very, very close to having everything settled and official.  I'll post the entire plan when we get the sign-off from the city in the next couple of weeks (fingers crossed...).  Until then, I'm going to share our plans for the main part of the new addition, which is pretty solidified.

We've been planning this add-on since we bought the house a year and a half ago - as you know if you've been following along.  We bought the house because we love the charming neighborhood, and because I have a thing for New England style architecture.  Since we were moving back home from Mass, I loved the idea that I would could still have a New Englandy style Cape Cod house. 

Like most cape-style houses, it is small - right around 1,100 sqft.  Most of the houses in our little neighborhood were build in the 40's and are very cottagy and charming.  A majority of the homes have been added onto and remodeled to accommodate modern living... but not ours, which is exactly why we bought it.  

Here is our plan for the new addition.  As I mentioned, there are other details I'll share in the future as well, including garage, mudroom, second floor with master suite which plans are being tinkered with at the moment.

We're merging the existing kitchen and dining space with a new 15-ish foot bump out that will include a new hearth area and larger kitchen.  The room will be filled with windows, french doors, painted (Navajo White) paneling and moldings. 

I love small cozy rooms, but love an open floorplan for living and entertaining. While designing this space I've made a conscious effort to keep this wide open plan feeling cozy.  I'd love your input and ideas. 

Here are some photos that I've shared before and some new that will give you a better idea for my vision.  Resources can be found on my Pinterest board :

I really like this - I've gone back and forth many times... should I change my Baking Counter into a cozy breakfast nook?!  

Besides that debate, I love the beams in this photo, the white on white, wooden stools and the classic rugs.

I've officially decided to have wooden countertops.  It will be my third kitchen with wood and I just can't get away from it - I love the rustic, cozy factor it adds.  I'm sure I will add some marble details, too... because that is my other tempter.  What do you think about wood topped island and marble surround?  Or, marble subway tile backsplash with all wood tops?

We will also have brass pulls and lanterns mixed with polished nickel faucets.

This is how I envision the hutch that merges with the baking counter - glass front, but I'll probably keep cake stands and baking pantry essentials in it.

As you can see from the plans, we've also included a large bank of windows over the baking counter vs. upper cabinets to bring in light.  I'm planning to keep a stool under the cabinets also so I can sit there during the day and work while I have a great view of the backyard.

I'd love to have the windows be something really beautiful... diamond pattern leaded glass?  Old windows?  New with cottage shutters?

 Love this mantle and paneling detail.

Also, love this mantle - you can see on the right side of the photo.  I love how it is boxed in with paneling... and love the beams.

As we're gathering resources and beginning to think about placing orders, I'd love your input.   You all always have the best and most creative solutions - I can't wait to hear your ideas and thoughts on our projects.  Here are specific areas that we need some help and resources :

Doors & Windows
Sink - Apron Front, Farm-style
Cottage Shutters?
Upholstery - New Sofa and Chairs
Stone/Brick for Fireplace
Beams - Boxed in or Reclaimed/Exposed?