The tile I chose is made by Horus Art, the style is Tiffany in Biancho Crackle.
It's a nice soft white...with a little dash of cream.  I thought it was perfect.

But let's talk about your grout feedback.  It was really fun.

via SA Decor

                          According to your feedback about gray grout:

                          Pro:  Wouldn't look dirty
                          Con:  Looks dirty

                          Pro:  Looks like your favorite oyster bar
                          Con:  Looks like a Soviet butcher shop

                          Pro:  Adds interest
                          Con:  Too distracting
                          Does that clear it up?

There were some of you that have used light gray in your bathrooms
and others that wished they had.  Some of you liked both.  And one
anonymous comment said if I used gray, our romance was over.
That's pretty serious stuff!

Overwhelmingly, though, most of you said white.

Mill Valley Loft,
I'm in camp that likes both but I think they each have their place.  I see dark
grout as being industrial, even restaurant, perfect for a modern, loft-like space.
One commenter also suggested it's a vintage look and I can almost see it in
a place like The Breakers kitchen in Newport, Rhode Island.

It's also a great way to add pattern in space with clean lines.

Michelle's Mill Valley Kitchen,
 I wanted a nice, clean look that didn't detract from some of the other unique details
I've put in the kitchen.  I love a lot of different styles and I'm slowly learning
I don't have to cram them all into one room.  So I'm doing white.

The light fixtures are all installed.  This is the Circa Milton Road pendant
and in the background is the cutie patootie E.F. Chapman Marine flush mount
in bronze also from Circa.  I'm not sure yet whether I'll have a table or island
underneath it.  I'm hoping my dining room table will work so I can turn
the dining room into a keeping room/den/library.  We'll see.

I chose the Milton Road pendant (by Thomas O'Brien) because 
its flutes beautifully echo the flutes in the columns in the cabinets.

I ordered another light from Circa for over the sink but it was very
backordered so I bought a backup which is the Franklin light from
Schoolhouse Electric.  I'm not in love with it and, yes, it's crooked.  I'm
pretty sure it's the shade, which incidentally fits horribly into the bronze
ring, so Schoolhouse is sending me a new shade.  Stay tuned.

In the last post, and a few photos back, you'll remember the blue tape
I put up to mark where floating shelves would go.  I wanted to show you
how those were made.  Holes were bored into the studs just slightly smaller
than the diameter of the 3/4 inch rebar.  And then the rebar is banged in to
the holes.  It's extremely solid. 

The shelf planks also have holes bored, just slightly larger so
they slide on easier but are still fairly snug.

These will be painted either white or light gray, I'll have to experiment.
Should I do white or gray?  I'm just kidding.

I'm off to pick up my tile and white grout.