Last weekend, I conquered the tile cut around the outlets.

This past weekend, I had the supports for the floating shelves to deal with.

I wish I could say I planned it--(I'm just having good DIY
karma right now--but the support rods almost all fell perfectly
on the edges of tile so I could just cut around them.

You'll notice the little stripes on the ends
of the tile.  That's some kind of plastic or hot glue that gets
added to prevent the tile from scratching in shipping.
They pop off really easily with the putty knife.

These half circles were fairly easily to clean out with the wet saw.

Not perfect but the shelves will cover my errors.

There was only one place where the rod fell right in the
middle of a tile.  They do make diamond-edge hole cutters
that fit on your drill but for $27 I thought I'd try this.

I cut the tile horizontally and then cut the hole in the center
of the cut.  It's not pretty the shelf covers it so who will know?
And I saved $27!

Another thing I found really helpful was drawing two
vertical lines that marked the placement of my first
whole tile in each row.  Such a time saver.

I'm really loving the reflection of light off the tile.
It really makes the kitchen feel brighter and larger.

As I got close to the ceiling, I decided to put in another
row of the cigar/pencil tile almost like a picture rail.
It was a spur of the moment decision but I think it
makes everything look very well planned.

For those of you that said I should leave the shelves
unpainted, I also see that possibility...but not this wood.
If I wanted to go that route, I'd look for some boards that
were a little more rustic.  Maybe I can have two sets
of shelves:  Spring/summer and fall/winter shelves.


I can't remember if I showed you the hardware I picked
out for the cabinets.  It's all from Restoration Hardware.
The pulls on the left are the Bistro Pulls, the round knob
is the Season Knob and the bin pull is called the
Ornate Square Pull, all in oil rubbed bronze.

The Bistro Pulls are used on the top drawers above
cabinets, and the knobs are on the cabinet doors.

The bin pulls were added to the old bin drawers.

I haven't yet painted the old bin drawers.  Once the new
hardware was added, it transformed them.  I'm kind
of liking them unpainted.  It's a little quirkier which is very me.

I do wish the two sets of bin drawers were a little farther apart
so the unpainted wood was better distributed around the room.
But I have to live with them like this for now.