My armoire was delivered a few days ago so I've been busy
unpacking more boxes and moving dishes from the dining room
that served as my temporary kitchen during the renovation.

If I widen the view, you can see the armoire sits in the corner of the kitchen between the 
dining room and the French doors to the porch.  This makes it convenient both to get dishes to
the dining room table and to put them away when they're unloaded from the dishwasher.

Let me show you some of the details on this beautiful piece.

All of the original hardware is in working condition.

The armoire, I believe, is French and is a "knockdown" or "breakdown"
armoire meaning it breaks down into pieces so it can easily be moved up
the tiny staircase to your pied-a-terre.  The block of wood above the raised
panel slides back and forth and actually locks the top and side together.
I love the oyster color of the interior.

I'm looking for stemware racks that I can mount in this upper portion
of the armoire so I can really optimize the storage space in here.  

I love the alligatored finish.  And notice the mortise and tenon
joint and dovetails on the upper corner.  You just don't see these
details on new pieces anymore.

I've put all my dishes and serving pieces in here and still have about
half of the space open so I'm trying to figure out what else would make
sense to store in the lower shelves.  You'll notice in the upper photos I
put a few of my English fishing creels on one shelf that I can use for
some hidden storage.  I like the texture and color they add to the piece.

I mentioned in an earlier post the piece came from European Country Antiques
right here in Cambridge.  I was really impressed with the shop and the service
they provided so, next time, let's meet over there so I can show you around.