It's that time.  Time for Emma to have her own big girl room.  I know what you're thinking - aren't you in the middle of remodeling your house?  Yes, we are, well, sort of.  We are very, very close.  We've hit some delays.  (Inevitable, I've been told.)  It looks like construction is still a couple of months away at this point.  Groan. 

While we're still waiting to get the final tweaks back from the architect (going on 3 weeks now...), I got antsy.  We've been living in our house for a year and a half now, in limbo.  We don't want to fix anything or fix anything up, because we're getting ready to rip it all out.  It is really starting to drive me crazy - the trim that needs touching up, the light fixtures that are broken, the floors that need refinishing... all of the little things here and there that continue to add up, are driving me a little crazy.  It is my nature to fix things.  I love fixing things. 

Mike asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day.  My answer, to decorate Emma's room.  I spent Mother's Day running around town, pinning (here) and gathering bedding and inspiration.  Finally, a house project! 

It wasn't until last week that I finally decided to have Emma's room stay Emma's room even after construction has completed.  We'd debated moving her into our old room, but I just love her room, for her.  It is small, cozy with nooks and crannies, and a huge closet that doubles as a secret play area.

I want her "new" room to feel very collected and layered, with a touch of feminine and fairytale whimsy.  I love the photo in the upper left corner of the floral wallpaper, but, I'm taking that idea and applying it to the bedding I selected (right corner).  It is from Pottery Barn Kids - white fabric with a rosy/brown woodland fairytale print.  I also bought the white ruffle sheets pictured here. 

I'm planning a wall gallery of framed prints, sketches and blank frames to display her own artwork.  I am working on collecting the prints now.  So far, I have the vintage Winnie the Pooh illustrations I bought from the Brimfield Antique Show two years ago.  Mr. Darcy's favorite toy is his Pooh Bear, and seeing these illustrations remind me of Emma and D for some reason : )  I also have some classic nursery rhyme book pages to frame, and her sillouette cutout.  I've been looking all over for a gallery wall that is exactly what I have in mind, but I haven't been able to find one that I love.  I know they have been done, and done again, which makes me a little hesitant, but I think I have a great vision for it... fingers crossed.

I am waiting on furniture for now - but still hunting.  I'd love a real, old farmhouse pine chest of drawers.  I think I'd like it to be a reproduction so the drawers work nicely, though.  Anyone have an idea of where to start?  I haven't decided on a bed, either... maybe upholstered?  Maybe stripped down pine? 

This is Emma's room as it stands now (more details here in the original reveal post) the one and only room that will not be effected by the construction, because I love everything about it.   I love the paint color on the walls that we painted when we moved in - Pristine, by Benjamin Moore.  The trim is painted in Navajo White - giving a very subtle tone-on-tone look to the room.  Both are very creamy colors. 

The color palette, as you can see from the inspiration board above, is staying basically the same.  I'm adding some more patterns and layers.