Hey, long time, no see!

I made it though my big project.  It was a lot of hard work but we really rocked it.
It seems like so long ago, but I really enjoyed reading all of your comments
about the in-the-ground garbage pails.  It seems to have brought back a lot
of memories for people and it was fun reading about them.

I've moved my dining room table into the kitchen and it fits perfectly!
The chairs are Ligne Roset Calin chairs that I've had for a long time.
The room needed something modern to keep it from getting too stuffy
and I think these work well.  They also have slipcovers that come off
and can be machine washed which I love.  So they're not only practical,
they're as comfortable as any upholstered  living room chair I've ever had.
I'm missing one of the slipcovers, though, and it's driving me crazy!

Even with the chairs pulled out, there's plenty of room for me to
get around the table to the sink and stove, dishwasher and armoire.

I've finished painting the cabinets and I'm still liking the drawers unpainted.
The drawers look a lot more orange in the photos than they do in person;
I'm not sure why that's happening.  Still need to paint the windows but it
needs to be a little warmer so I can leave them open while the paint drys.

It's been so cold here!

I bought these stemware racks from The Container Store.  They're made for
under-cabinet mounting and I've mounted them up in the top of the armoire.

Their design isn't the best I've ever seen.  I didn't feel they were very
secure so I added a washer to the screw which will work much better. 

I used two triple racks, one on each end for champagne and wine glasses and two single racks
in the center to give more room for the martini glasses.  The thing I love most is when the armoire
doors are closed, you can't see the glasses at all.  

I bought new baskets for the lower two shelves.  Also from The Container Store, these are their
large Hogla baskets.  All or most of my cookbooks will eventually be moved to an upper
cabinet next to the refrigerator, but for now, they're out of the way.  I'll still have lots of
storage space in here once they find their new home.

Since I'm storing some food items in the baskets, and I wanted to keep the
bottom of the baskets clean, I found two plastic trays (also Container
Store) that fit perfectly in the bottom of each basket.  These will easily
come out for washing whenever necessary.

I still have a few cabinets and drawers to organize but I'm loving
my baking drawer.  Everything I need  for the task all in one place.

The maiden voyage of my new stove was to whip up some blueberry scones
for an Easter brunch.  I loved having marble countertops to roll out the dough.

These scones are from the America's Test Kitchen recipe...and they're killer!

You, too, can make these and won't believe how awesome you are!

Here's the video on how to do it.