For you locals, I wanted to give you a heads up about a new place to
check out. I've talked about Darby Road a few times before--it's where
my "store counter" kitchen cabinets from--but the former Darby Road
warehouse has a new business called A2Z Vintage that carries vintage,
antique and one-of-a-kind items.

I thought I'd give you a tour of their 10,000 square foot warehouse 
to show just a little a bit of their eclectic mix of items.

Right outside is one of the coolest things I've seen in a long time.
These are faux bois columns for a pergola.  You can see in a few 
places where the beams go in.  The tops actually collect water and
drain it down to the bottom.  Wish I had a place to use these. 

A great piece for an unfitted kitchen.  I love the touch of old green paint.

A nice variety of "mantiques."

If your name is Joseph and you have a cafe, here's the perfect sign for you.

A great pair of urns.  Notice the fish motif in the second one?

A 1840s painted armoire.

A monumental 1850s English pine cabinet.  Just gorgeous!

A great collection of vintage and antique rugs.

I flipped for this antique Heriz.  I asked Paul to measure to see if
it would fit in my living room.  It does!  It seems these rugs were out of style for
a while but have you been noticing them being used more in modern settings?

There was a pair of these great driftwood sconces.

The perfect stool for a princess to put on her glass slippers.

Look at the marble top on this antique Italian-style vanity!

There's also a little bit of mid-Century mod furniture,
lamps and accessories.  Perfect for your '50s ranch!

The owner, Jon Ames, has a great eye for paintings.

There's also a nice selection of Asian pieces.

I love this blue color.

Victorian settees aren't really my style but I'd love to see this recovered
on something like a grey tweed or herringbone pattern.

A beautiful little faux bamboo table perfect for evening cocktail.

Baa Ram Ewe!

Okay, so blue damask might not be your thing but look at the beautiful
frames on these Louis chairs!  Again, I'd do these up in men's suiting
to balance their feminine curves.

Be sure to check out A2Z Vintage soon to take advantage
of their 20% off Grand Opening sale.  Let them know I sent you!

A2Z Vintage
39 Green Street
Waltham, MA  02451

and by appointnment.