Photo:  Me                                                                         Painting:  Christina Baker

I decided to take a day off work and escape to Cape Cod the other day.  I sat in bumper-to-bumper
traffic for an hour to hit the road to relaxation.  Funny how that works.  I had a great day in
Provincetown seeing old friends and meeting new ones.  It's just a two-hour drive from Boston but it's a world away.  People you barely know greet you with a hug or kiss on the cheek--something I'd be quite uncomfortable doing with people I see on the subway far more often.  But I digress.

I find it relaxing to walk around with my camera and look for compositions to photograph.
I'll share more of my photographs in another post but while I was there, I was posting some of photos to Instragram.  Shortly after I posted my photo of Provincetown Harbor at low tide, I saw Christina Baker post one of her paintings called High Noon.  I thought my view of the harbor
could easily serve as inspiration for Christina's painting.  And I love seeing the two side by side.

Enjoy more of Christina's paintings on her website, her blog and Greg Irby Fine Art.

The weather is perfect which, to normal people, might mean the beach or a barbecue.  To me it's a big painting weekend out on the back porches.  I have to get back out there.