It seems like the world is on vacation.  Over the past three weeks
as I e-mail things to clients (this is in my real life, not the blog life).
I get the same thing:  Out of Office Reply.   While things have slowed
down a bit, I find myself unable to get any time off.  A website to build,
an office blog to launch, a new office space to find and an employee
to hire. It could be much worse, I could be one of the hundreds of
overqualified people out of work and looking for an entry-level position.

Yes, it's a blessing to be busy even in the summer.

In my little but of free time, I've been chipping away at the
outdoor painting...lots to do on the back porches.

While the front porch ceiling is sky blue, I've taken
a different approach to the back porch.

I've used semi-gloss Decorator's White (Ben Moore) so it's
an extension of the kitchen ceiling.  I love it.

I'm also trying to figure out what to do with the dining room.
Now that the table is in the kitchen--and it's working wonderfully--I
don't really have a use for this room.  For now, I centered a gate-leg
table I recently picked up...

..and I've set out a few things that I enjoy looking at.

This changes almost daily.

I've also moved a large painting from the front hallway to
the dining room.  It was almost impossible to see in hallway
and at least I get to enjoy it in here while I contemplate what
this room will become.  I'm strongly considering a keeping room...
a nice home office...or museum room.  

So my apologies for not being around much. 

I hope you've all got your out-of-office reply turned on
and are out enjoying summer!