Now that Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away (!) I decided to give our front porch and foyer a welcoming Fall makeover for our guests.

With the help of some flea market finds, I was able to decorate both spaces for very little money. It's starting to feel very festive around here! Starting with the front porch...

The planter boxes I made last week really help to anchor the space (and help hide the eyesore hose!). Best idea ever.

To the left of the door you'll find my $5 chair, $2 crate and $2 bundle of corn along with pumpkins and gourds. Very harvest-y, don't you think?

These mums are so colorful & pretty. I'm really hoping they last until at least Thanksgiving.

I didn't want it to be too busy, so on the right side of the door I placed more flea market finds—a barrel with mums and a crate, along with some wood I rescued from the rainstorm that rolled through yesterday. Hopefully they will dry out here in time to use this winter.

To the left of the porch is a bench that came with the house, so I made it more inviting with a flea market plaid throw and a couple pillows. The rusty milk jug (another flea find) holds dry grass stalks clipped from my parent's yard. Don't be jealous of our 70's textured gold window.

Susie was very curious about this photo shoot and came outside to sniff out the new display.

She's usually terrified of anyone/anything new, including outdoor environments, but I think she's been getting jealous of her sister (who's a part time outdoor cat) so I've been opening the door and letting her out to explore a little bit each day (under my supervision).

It takes her a minute to build up the courage to step outside...

But once she's there, she's rolling around on the ground and taking in all the sights, smells and sounds. Sometimes I wonder if she resents me for not letting her run free but I'm too scared to let go... there's cars and foxes and mountain lions out there and I couldn't forgive myself if anything happened to her. Am I being an overprotective cat parent? Sigh...

Moving along... now that the door is open, let's take a look at the foyer.

This arrangement didn't change much... umbrella, rain boots and a basket...

But I tucked plaid flannel into the top of the boots and filled the basket with cinnamon scented pinecones (that has to be the best smell to walk into... heavenly).

And of course the shelf was switched up.

I thought it would be helpful for guests to have the wifi info as they walk in, in a central location, rather than having them search through the hall closet to find the small writing on the modem. It's also much prettier this way, don't you think?

The frame is a $3 5x7" from Walmart that I fancied up with some crochet lace from Joann. A bit of double sided tape and a few minutes was all it took. Love the romantic touch it adds!

I also filled a dollar store vase with river rocks and stuck a votive in it for a little nature inspired ambiance.

I can't get enough of these berries. They're on every other bush and tree in this town in shades of vibrant orange and red... so perfect for fall (and winter, too).


Opposite the shelf wall is our closet door. I dressed it up with these hanging metal pinecones I found in my parents garage.

A boxwood wreath + bow adorn the inside of each door—I'm not quite ready to decorate for Christmas yet but these versatile pieces are great for the transition into the holidays.

And there you have it... we're (almost) ready for Thanksgiving! The only thing left is our dining table, which I'll tackle next week. I'm road tripping to Ikea this afternoon (woo hoo!) to grab some last minute decor and then our fall decorating will be complete... just in time for Christmas ;)

Anyone else hosting family this year? Getting tired of having to repeat your wifi network/password to everyone? How about a free printable?

It's blank so you can add your info, and it's sized to it fit nicely in any 5x7" frame. These work great in guest rooms as well.

Just head over to my Facebook page to download! (You may have to click Continue or OK to be redirected).

Tune in next week for a list of my absolute favorite things this year, along with the reveal of our Thanksgiving table. Happy weekend!