This is a post I share every year, and each year I update it with some of the new recipes I've added  - Hello, Kale Salad and Petite Pecan Pies.  I've also included the link to my Thanksgiving Planning Worksheets (below) to help you with your scheduling for the week... it is "go" time for those of you hosting! 

It is always fun putting this post together - all of my Thanksgiving recipes and posts from the last 5 years.  I love seeing how my photography and style has evolved.  Somethings haven't changed, like Baked Brie with Pecans being the best appetizer for Thanksgiving, and the BEST Turkey recipe that starts with a bottle of white wine and a pound of butter : ) Hope you enjoy and it helps you prepare for the big day.

Even though we're not hosting this year (big house update coming tomorrow or wednesday!), we have a busy week making teachers' gifts for school, gifts for my work helpers, gathering flowers for centerpieces and getting ready for a holiday packed weekend.  This weekend marks the start of the most wonderful time of the year.  The old "kids" (as in me, my sister, brother and our husbands/girlfriends) going to the Mizzou football game, heading to the Christmas tree farm and Emma having fun with her "best" cousin, as she calls them.  I can't wait  :) 
Here is a link to download my Thanksgiving Worksheets.  They will help you go on autopilot for the day so you can enjoy yourself and know that everything will be perfectly timed... or at least most things.   You will be prompted to add your email before the lists download, just FYI.  This adds you to my email list so you can stay updated on new posts and specials I have for the store.  I'm trying to decide what I'll be doing for Black Friday... any ideas?!

Kale, Pumpkin Seed, Apple & Cranberry Salad

This is what I'm making for our Thanksgiving at Mike's parents house - we had it earlier this Fall (when this photo was taken...) and they've requested it for Thanksgiving.  Always nice to have something fresh and crunchy in addition to such an indulgent meal.


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 The Best Classic Mashed Potatoes | Potato Ricer

This is what I'm making for my Mom's Thanksgiving - I'm making them ahead of time and we'll bake them to reheat.   She's having a crowd of 14 Adults and 7 kids, so I think I'm going to make 15 pounds to make sure we have lots of leftovers... I better start peeling potatoes today.   She's having all of our cousins from her side of the family, just like we used to when we were kids, but haven't done in almost 5 years since we all started having kids.  I'm excited for the house to be buzzing and kids to be everywhere like old times.  

Holidays | Entertaining | Thanksgiving Planner | Countdown Day 9 | Roasted Turkey & Gravy Recipes

One thing that I highly recommend, is trying the Turkey recipe I have posted from Martha Stewart.  We stared using this method a couple of years ago and everyone goes crazy over it.  You stuff the bird with lemon, garlic, thyme, and sage, then baste it with a mixture of a bottle of chardonnay and 4 sticks of butter.  It makes the most unbelievable pan drippings for gravy.  Turkey is usually a little bland, but this recipe makes it amazing.


Pecan Tart | A New Twist on a Classic Pecan Pie Recipe

Petite Pecan Pies with Vanilla Bean Whipped Cream


Pumpkin Cream Tart

Chocolate Cream Tart with Pecan Shortbread Crust

 Thanksgiving Table Setting | DIY Flower Pumpkin Centerpiece, Woodland China, Hemstitch Linens, Pewter Flatware & Rustic Glassware


Thanksgiving Table : Pears, Bittersweet, Velvet & Linen

Holidays | Entertaining | Thanksgiving Planner | Countdown Day 3 | Table Setting Tools & Inspiration | Thanksgiving Table Setting & House Decor

Holidays | Entertaining | Thanksgiving Planner | Countdown Day 3 | Table Setting Tools & Inspiration | Thanksgiving Table Setting & House Decor

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Enjoy this week of planning - my favorite part of Thanksgiving... getting everything ready!