I always think of my grandmother on New Year's Day.  She was a very superstitious woman 
even though I now suspect many of her beliefs were made up to keep my brother and me in line.  
But she was clear about New Year's Day:  what you did on this day determined your fate for 
the next year.  Things such as cleaning the house or doing laundry would certainly doom you 
a year filled with endless housework for the next year.  I wish she were still alive today so I 
could get some clarifications on things such as painting window mullions, blogging, cooking, 
or even eating for that matter, because I don't know if these are positive or negative endeavors.

I'm also not sure where she would fall on issue of undecorating the Christmas tree.  It certainly
includes a cleaning component.  But this New Year's Day has become my traditional day to
undecorate and take down the tree.  There's just something about cleaning up, putting away and 
cleaning up that feels to me like a good way to start a new year.  And, even if she would claim it's wrong, I would argue it's a perfect way to spend a few moments thinking of her.

However you spend this first day of the year, I wish you best throughout the new year!