Valentine's Day Flower Cupcakes

Valentine's Day isn't just for sweethearts. It is for friends, co-workers, teachers, neighbors and family. Put together a fun treat for all of the loved ones in your life... I think this idea is so fun - sweets and flowers rolled into one. I started with a really simple cupcake (you can use any recipe - or box! - you like) and topped it with buttercream, oreos and a tulip. The tulips only cost $1 each at the grocery store, which brings the grant total to $15 for 1 dozen tulip cupcakes.

This is one of those creative ideas that takes no real artistry or skill - literally anyone can make it and it will look perfect... great for kids (or un-crafty boyfriends/husbands). The kids will have a great time dipping the icing in the oreos.

Flower Cupcakes

12 cupcakes (jumbo cupcakes pictured)
White or Brown Cupcake Papers
1 recipe of buttercream icing (recipe here)
Piping Bag
8 oreo cookies
12 flowers*

Start by pulverizing the oreos in a food processor or in a large ziplock and a rolling pin. Process or smash oreos until they are fine crumbs.

Using a pastry bag (I love disposable ones), pipe buttercream frosting on the top of the cupcakes. Place the oreos in a shallow bowl. Dip the top of the frosted cupcakes into the oreos until all of the buttercream is covered.

Place a tulip* (or other flower) in the top.

*It is important to note, tulips are not edible flowers. Be sure to wrap the stems in plastic or put them in a plastic tube. Instead of the tulips, you could use any of the following flowers that are actually entirely or partially edible:

Tuberous Begonia
Bellis perenis (English daisy)
Evening Primrose
Pansy ‘Johnny Jump Up’

I first came up with this concept while planning a "Spring Shower" Bridal Shower... it works great with all spring flowers!

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