Limelight hydrangea, 1940s Strahan wallpaper,
antique French milk pitcher and vintage French alarm clock. 

I had a great week last week.  The weather was perfect and I took three days off to do nothing.
I slept in (which means 7:00), walked a lot; in fact, took a six-mile walk to get some Farrow & Ball paint samples, sanded my bedroom floor, visited some antique shops to look for bathroom vanity possibilities, cooked some really healthy meals and did a little gardening. 

I could get used to that.

I'm really impressed with the Limelight hydrangeas I put in last summer.
They've held up really well to the heat and drought and should look great well into October.
I took out a bunch of things in an adjacent area of the garden and just added a big mass
of Russian sage that I think will look great next to these white and green flowers.

I couldn't help but bring a big bunch of them in the house for Jane's party.

I hope you have a great week!