The painters are pretty much done and although I was disappointed I couldn't replace the back porches in this phase of the renovation, they're looking pretty good.

This is part of the house that has gone through a few different transformations since I bought the house.  I replaced a horrible farm-like fence around the decks to a railing that seemed a little more appropriate.

That all got painted to match the old vinyl siding.

And now the vinyl has been stripped away and the shingles have been painted to match the new work on the front of the house.  The new siding stops at the kitchen door.

These are the porches after stripping off the vinyl.

And here's how they look today.  I'm pretty happy with how the old blends in with new after painting everything.

The upstairs porch during the renovation.

The upstairs porch now.

The porch ceiling turned out to be beadboard and it painted up beautifully.  I've never really used this porch at all but now I could see furnishing it...

...and enjoying a bird's eye view of the garden and street on a hot summer's night.  It's fun to be up here and see the capital on the corner pilasters.

The downstairs porch before...

...and after.  This ceiling also had beadboard and although it was pretty water damaged, a good scraping, priming and painting resurrected it.  I even like my bargain basement $24 lights.

This view just after the vinyl was stripped off... looks like this.

And although it's 40 degrees outside...

...there's no reason I have to wait until next spring to enjoy it.