**This was a post I posted last Spring... enjoy the lilacs!

Today, on our morning walk, Mr. Darcy and I decided to stop and smell the flowers.  He was attracted to the pansies and pussy willows at the Mainstreet Cafe, while I was drawn to the lilacs.  I've been meaning to photograph the lilacs for a week or so, but the weather hasn't been cooperating.  With rain in the forcast for the next five days, I decided to just go for it.  

Concord, being an old town settled in the 1635, has many old neighborhood streets and homes that remain from the Colonial and Victorian era.  Lilacs were especially popular in the Victorian era and were a staple in landscape and garden design.  In today's landscapes,  they seem to have lost their popularity, unfortunately.   

Look at this glorious hedge - I can't imagine how old it must be.

In the past, gardens were more seasonal than they are today - groves of cherry trees, hedges of lilac berries, and cutting gardens full of tulips and peonies.  Now, landscapes are designed to be 'maintenance free' and look good all year long.  While this might seem smart in our busy lives, I think everyone is missing out on enjoying the short blooming times of each seasonal flower.

This light pink lilac is so sweet peaking through the picket fence. 

These full lilac blooms are from our very own bush.

Our old house was full of seasonal flowers - beginning with daffodils, hyacinth, tulips, pear and dogwood trees, magnolia, lilacs, peonies and ending the season with hydrangea.  I loved it.  In our new house, the landscaping was completely overgrown, so everything was torn out and started from scratch (except an old flagstone patio we discovered - a great surprise).  I miss having the surprises of what each week might bring, but it has been fun to select exactly what we want.

Now that's an entrance.

More peaking lilacs.

A magenta color lilac.

And snow white with a tiny yellow center.

I think that bloom is 10 inches long.

I couldn't help myself from photographing the lily of the valley, they are everywhere and smell so sweet.  You may remember them from Kate's bouquet at the Royal Wedding.  Classic.

Wisteria winding itself on another picket fence.

Mr. Darcy yawning - long walk.  Life is hard...