Last week I posted about a "Real" Mid-Week dinner we hosted.  It was casual and laid back, the type of 'entertaining' most of us do... you know, normal!  I thought I'd share another "Real" party we hosted - brunch with some of our college friends that were in from St. Louis.  It was a cold and rainy Saturday morning and our house was filled with kiddos, friends, coffee... and scones.  It is GREAT being home : )

Menu :

Cinnamon Swirled Scones with Maple Glaze & Pecans
Cranberry Orange Scones
White Cheddar & Chive Egg Strata
Fresh Fruit
Orange Juice

I tried a new scone that was swirled with cinnamon then topped with a glaze made with real Vermont maple syrup and pecans.  Really, really good.  

"G" hard at work coloring pictures for everyone.  I love the concentration as he's working.  So sweet.

The table was set verrrry simply with just juice, butter and water... with 3 kids and 6 adults at our tiny table, there was definitely not room for any flowers.

Little "P" being a boy : )

White Cheddar and Chive Egg Strata - I love anything that can be made the night before.  Mike had requested that we fry bacon, so I kept the strata simple - sans sausage.  The white cheddar and chives made it really delicious.  Sometimes keeping things simple is even better.

Emma going after "P's" toes... what?!  What are they teaching her at school!

Immediate nap after the party.  Tuckered out after chasing all of those boys!


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