Plans are moving along nicely.  My refinancing has been approved and
I expect to have my appraisal this week.  

I've also started plans for the new downstairs bathroom.  I've always thought my biggest challange for both bathrooms would be to find a unique and interesting solution for the sink.  I've always envisioned something old paired with something modern.

I stopped by Darby Road in Waltham to see what I could find.
The gray Swedish chest would be beautiful.  

I'd pair it with a modern rectangular vessel mounted on the top.   I'm not a huge fan of the bowl vessel sinks; they just seem a little precious.  This nice chunky one that would allow you to wash your face without losing half the water onto the counter.

This is one of Darby Road's custom pieces.  I like the idea of cabinet doors better than a piece that has drawers.  You could get a shelf or two inside without having to deal with shortening the  drawers.

It's got some nice details and can be painted in any color so it 
could fit in to almost any design scheme.

I love the corner detail on this chest.   Really different hardware too.

This is another Darby Road piece that could be transformed
into a handsome country vanity...

...that you've maybe seen on my Bathrooms Pinterest board.

This isn't at all an option but isn't this amazing?  The sink and
counter sections are all porcelain.  Perfect for your country house!

Not for my house, but I love this Chinese chest.  It's got a beautiful patina.
And I think it would be gorgeous with a copper basin on the top.

A table is another option.  I love the turned legs on this Swedish piece.

It could look like this only with one large sink.  Yes, it lack storage but I love
how little visual space it takes up.  

 It's unfortunate that every one of these pieces is too big.  The architect's plan shows a 30-inch sink.  I think I could push that to 32 inches for the sink but all of these are 36" or larger.

This table could be fairly easily modified.  If the top were removed, the front and back rails
could be trimmed down.  I used my photo editor to add a shelf to the bottom.  

Kind of like this.   It's no much better than
having a basket of towels sitting on the floor.

I like the marble top too.

So I think this is the one.  I've drawn up plans to alter the piece 
so it fits and I'm heading to the bath store to figure out the sink and other fixtures.

See you there.

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