Another holiday season means another round of decorated sugar cookies at our house.  As you'll see from the photos, Emma's becoming a pro.  She helped me roll and cut out the dough and I decorated them during nap-time.  She decorated some eggs with sprinkles when she woke up... a lot of sprinkles. 

You can find these very special Copper Cookie Cutters in my store!  I had them made especially for Spring this year - they may be my favorite of all time.  I love the entire collection - the white bunny, the yellow chick, the blue bird and all of the fun speckled colored eggs.
These cookie cutters are extra special, as they are made from copper - the most traditional metal for cutters.  They are a truly heirloom quality cutter that can be passed down for generations.  I love collecting copper cutters - and I love thinking that Emma will be using them with her kids and grandkids as they make holiday memories as I did with my Mom and Sister.

I've packaged them with a printed card of my cookie recipe and tied with an Everyday Occasions logo ribbon - a great gift.

*Please note, these are handmade and have to be ordered far in advance, so only limited quantities are available.

Here is the link to my favorite sugar cookie recipe... it is the best, using powdered sugar to give the cookies a fine texture.

Also, I've recently shared my tips for making really pretty icing colors.   You can find that link (and the secret to making all of these beautiful colors), here.

Disposable Pastry Bags are the only way to go - easy clean up.  You can buy these 12" bags here.

Decorating is really simple if you practice having a steady hand that can make basic shapes.  It is really just drawing outlines and filling in.

I piped a wing on after the body had dried to create a second layer.

The birds and bunny needed a little extra, too, so I piped a wing in blue and a white breast on the bird.  Mr. Bunny got a white sparkly sprinkle tail by adding this Coarse Sanding Sugar (can find here).

Here's the blue bird complete with wing and white breast.

I wanted the eggs to resemble real eggs - I love how they turned out.  I think they'll go great when packaged with the brightly colored chicks, birds and bunnies.

Just a look at my kitchen mid-mess... 

Speaking of mid-mess...  Miss Emma loves her sprinkles!

Look at our sweet little collection of spring cookies.

I'll be packaging these up (and freezing) them for Easter baskets - I'll share them later this week!

For my tips on Freezing Sugar Cookies, click here!